Forexafrica provides one of the best Forex affiliate program in the world. The Forex market is very huge and the largest in the financial market with about 5 – 6 trillion traded daily, mining within the Foreign exchange market is what you need to accelerate your dreams, however not all can succeed except the dedicated , hardworking and committed individual and companies.


Definition: An affiliate is an organisation or individual under the authority of another organisation or company to accomplish a business task. An affiliate usually volunteer or is bound to promote products or brand of a third party on commission payment bases or other agreed rewards made available to him.

We hereby open invitation to all individual and business affiliates who may like to promote our brand or promote our partners brand to join us and start earning.


There are many factors that play a role in your success as a Forex affiliate. So you must be asking yourself: what makes Forex Africa Partners stand out from the many other online Forex affiliate programs around world?

The answer is simple and can be enjoyed by everyone; “We provide unique payments rewards for every successful affiliate partner” All this is achieved by:

Having a passion to be on our Forex Affiliate Program

Having zeal to make extra money

Being an individual hard worker

Having a well generating traffic websites 

Having many Social networking friends who may like to trade

Being a marketer

Being an aspiring entrepreneur

All this will create you a stable and reoccurring profit just by recruiting people to our Forex affiliate program, which involves ( Forex Trading )


You might be asking yourself how to get your first clients, it might seem difficult but it is not as it is seen, the best way to be successful in affiliate marketing is to use different networks to get clients, you can as well use your website that you currently own or the network of social friends that you have in social media like Facebook, twitter, Linkedin , instagram , Google plus and other media that you can find appropriate to promote our brand or partners brand.

Attract new customers with multi-level marketing and motivate them not just refer sales to Forex Africa or our partner, but also search for new affiliates. Forex Africa Forex Affiliate Pro supports unlimited number of tiers.


Opening an affiliate account is very easy with us, you do not need to pay anything since it is free for everyone who needs to make more money, with just one click you can open an affiliate account and enjoy all the benefit involved to all our affiliates, introducing brokers and others


Your efforts as an affiliate partner certainly do not go unnoticed at Forex Africa. We offer terrific commission plans of up to $150 – $400 CPA or $10 Rev Share per round turn lot, which make sure that you earn your share in the success of our Forex affiliate platform and international currency trading services. And why stop there? You’ll also be earning multi-level commissions for any second tier traffic referred to us by your referred traders or third party affiliates partners sites! Click here, See Reward Plans

Multilevel marketing is a marketing strategy that compensates affiliates not only for product sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of sub-affiliates they introduced to the affiliate program. With Forced Matrix you can define shape of affiliate tree, what could have positive influence on performance of your M.L.M schema.


At Forex Africa we don’t want you to worry about how to promote our platform and Forex market services, so we give you a world of advertising options (Image banners, Text affiliate links banners, Flash Banners, HTML Banners). From Geo-targeted banners, to interactive Forex Africa widgets and a variety of landing pages, you’re sure to find a way to make Forex Africa suit your site. And once you’ve started promoting Forex Africa and foreign currencies exchange, you’ll be able to analyse your affiliate activity using our charts and reports.


So what do all these great features mean for you as a Forex affiliate? Simply put, they mean great conversion rates and great pay outs at the end of the month! Click here, See Conversions


We are providing all our affiliates marketers an opportunity to promote an easy to sell foreign exchange affiliate products and other financial products. The foreign exchange market is the most traded market when compared to other markets.

We currently require our affiliates to promote and concentrate on these products:

  • Currency Trading
  • Crypto currency trading
  • Indices
  • Metals
  • Options
  • Energy and agriculture commodities
  • Stocks