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FOREX Trading is the process of buying or selling one, two or more of these above currencies and this process is usually carried out and executed by a number of (Fx) or foreign exchange market participants. If an individual or investor decides and takes action to buy USD or ZAR then FOREX trading has happened, most people ask themselves what Forex Trading is?

The term FOREX Trading is a huge term that is having about 100 000 to 1 million global average searches every month on Google keyword searches. Many people are on the perception that trading FOREX is the better way to generate passive or active income and others strongly believe that FOREX trading is a greener link or a golden path that will liberate them from their financial oppression.

You can-never separate FOREX and currencies, without currencies there is no FOREX and vice versa, below is an example of a South African Rand note as our currency of choice.

Knowing about FOREX Trading is one of the simplest lesson you may obtain, however to be the best trader is another game that is mastered after compiling so many directives. Let us take this issue chronologically so that everyone may have the clearer picture of what is happening in the (Fx Market) which is also known as the Foreign Exchange Market.

Prolonging our discussion, sources have previously revealed that it would almost cost the New York Stock Exchange three to four months of trading to equal trading during one day of the FOREX market. This market is having about $5 to $ 6 trillion traded every day as researched in the year of 2018.

What is today's exchange rate for usd to zar

What is the difference between the Usd and the Rand ?

USD TO ZAR or USD/ZAR – These are two currency codes when compared or exchanged against each other, the (USD) is the United States of America currency code and the (ZAR) is the South African Rand currency ISO code. With this instance you may notice that the (USD) is compared or exchanged against the (ZAR). Take note not to confuse the USD/ZAR with the ZAR/USD, this comparison are totally different to each other

 ZAR is equal to 0.08, meaning you can’t buy or exchange USD with a single ZAR; you would need about 14.11 ZAR to acquire a single US dollar or 14.03 added to the 0.08 ZAR.

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What is the Base currency and or a Quote currency?

In the Foreign Exchange Market the first currency rate on the left hand side is called the Base currency and the second one on the right side is called the Quote currency.

                                          e.g   USD/ZAR

Base Currency and Quote Currency

What is the South African Rand?

The South African Rand is the currency used in South Africa and it’s popular used code is a Zar, the value of a Rand has been fluctuating and was once equal to the Dollar in the year 1982, 1 USD was equal to 1 Rand, the Rand continued to have strength until South Africa was sanctioned due to apartheid, the Rand strength dropped until today, 2018 where it is trading at 1 USD = 13.12 Rand


List of countries currencies

Afghan Afghani
Albanian Lek
Algerian Dinar
Angolan Kwanza
Argentine Peso
Armenian Dram
Aruban Florine
Azerbaijan Manat
Bahamian Dollar
Bahraini Dinar
Bangladeshi Taka
Barbados Dinar

Belarusian Ruble
Belize Dollar
Bermudian Dollar
Bolivian bolviano
Botswana Pula
Brunei Dollar
Bulgarian Lev
Burundi Franc
Cambodian Riel
Canadian dollar
Cape Verde Escudo
Chilean Peso
Chinese Yuan
Colombian Peso
Comoros Franc
Costa Rican Colon
Croatian Kuna
Cuban Peso
Cypriot Pound
Czech Koruna
Danish Krone
Djibouti Franc
Dominican Peso
East Caribbean Dollar
Egyptian Pound
Estonian Kroon
Fiji Dollar
Franc Congolais
Gambian Dalasi
Georgian lari
Ghanaian Cedi
Gurinean Franc
Hong Kong Dollar
Hungarian Forit
Iceland Krona
Indian Rupee
Indonesia Rupiah
Iranian Rial
Iraqi Dinari
Israel Shakel
Jamaican Dollar
Jordanian Dinari
Kenyan Shilling
Korean Won
Kuwaiti Dinari
Lebanese Pound
Lesotho Loti
Liberian Dinari
Libyan Dinari
Macedonia Denar
Malawi Kwacha
Maritius Rupee
Mexican Peso
Moroccan Dirham
Namibian Dollar
Mozambican Metical
Taiwan Dollar
Turkish Lira
New Zealand Dollar
Nigerian Nira
Oman Rial
Pakistan Rupee
Paraguay Guarani
Philippine Peso
Serbian Dinar
Singapore dollar
Somali Shiling
South African Rand
Sudanese Dira
Suriname Dollar
Swaziland Lilangeni
Tunisian Dinar
Uganda Shiling
Uruguayan Peso
Venezuelan Bolivar
Zambian Kwacha
Zimbabwe Dollar

Latest Equities, Currency, Indices, Commodities Exchange Rates

What influence the Indices, Commodities, Exchange Rates?

All countries’ currencies are having their own unit value which fluctuates over time. The monetary policy is having a great influence on the exchange rate or to the market globally, The appreciation or depreciation of the exchange rate for these currencies is usually controlled and determined by the supply and demand from market participants, meaning when the demand is high then the prices will increase and vice versa and it is also influenced by the number of economic, political factors and other crucial events which plays an integral part in this process. That is why the currency of every country differs from one another in terms of its value and power, look – at this typical saying;

The value of the (USD) is not equal or the same to the value of (Euros) and on the other hand the value of (Euros) are not equal to the value of (ZAR) South African Rands.


What is the Foreign Exchange Market?

What is the Foreign Exchange Market?

The term foreign exchange market includes the worldwide Inter-bank or Inter-dealer trading system that influences utilization of floating exchange rates between different countries’ currencies like the USD/ZAR which is our lesson’s moral. The Foreign Exchange Market is the most world’s hugest financial market, and most of people don’t know about it. If you want to be clear, In the Foreign exchange market that is the exact place where FOREX trading happens, The research specify that It is very impossible to understand the foreign exchange market as a whole however getting and gaining few skills might drive you very closer to understand the market.

How huge is the Foreign exchange market?

The Foreign exchange market is very huge and comprises of so many main participants as mentioned above, being the bank, government,  investors, financial institutions, FOREX brokers and FOREX traders, since you can see by yourself the truth – not even the governments as a whole can take the completely control over the long-term direction in this market. However some unfair Banks took advantage by fixing prices to try to control the market by grouping themselves into one.

Where is the Foreign exchange market located?

The majority of individual inquire, “where is the FOREX Market located?” In intent perspective there is usually no central location for currency trading to take place since people can still trade online or electronically. In reference to this the word, “Market” might be a bit misleading. Banks that process transactions for larger companies and governments do the biggest chunk of FOREX trading. The aforementioned institutions provide exchange rates in the broader market on a continuous basis. The most recent quote is generally seen as the current pricing for the currency. However there is a place for trading stocks and commodities which happen in the following cities:

  • City of Johannesburg – This is located in South Africa
  • City of London – This is located in United Kingdom and is the biggest in trading than all
  • City of Tokyo – This is located in Japan and it is most well known in the world
  • City of Hong Kong – This is located in China
  • City of Singapore – This is located in Southern Asia
  • City of Frankfurter – This is located in Germany
  • City of New York – This is located in the United States of America
  • City of Wellington – This is located in New Zealand
  • City of Sydney – This is located in Australia
Forex Market Login Page

Can you make money trading FOREX?

The easy answer is “Yes” and the difficult one is “No”, This depends on your skills in analyzing the market, you are the one who will determine or should we say predict the direction of the market, the question is: will the market value appreciates or depreciates?

Meaning that you will always have to open a trades specifying the direction of the market movementWith all this you are the one who will have to favor one currency when compared to the other, should your prediction be accurate then you will accrue profit but should the market go against your assumptions then you will suffer a loss


You may now trade ( Fx) or Forex, trading Forex is simple trading the currencies of different countries, e.g. Usd/Zar


You may now trade Crypto currencies, trading crypto currencies is simple trading the digital currencies, e.g. Bitcoin


You may now trade commodities; thus include trading energy and agriculture commodities, e.g. Cotton.


Trade Shares of all the continents, North and South America, Antarctica, Australia, Europe, Asia and Africa

Is Forex Trading Legit

Is FOREX trading legit

Many people inquire whether Forex Trading is legit or illegitimate and also they usually inquire whether is there honesty in the market or it is just another scam trying to rob them their hard earned money.  

Forex Demo Account

Forex Demo Account

The Forex demo account is the practice account made for all traders. We at Usdtozar.com would love to encourage all new traders to use a Forex demo account before they can participates using a real Forex account with real money. 

Forex Real Account

Forex Real Account

FOREX Real Account is the live trading account whereby participants use real money to trade as opposed to the FOREX demo account. It is highly possible for traders to accrue profit while trading on the real account and also they may lose during this process.

Forex Robots

FOREX Robots

Forex Robots are computer programmed devices to help traders Increase their profit capabilities. It is anticipated that people who trade using Forex Robots are more successful than people who trade using their own logic. 

How to trade using MT4

How to trade using MT4?

The Meta trader app was developed as (Meta trade 4 or MT 4) and later was upgraded to (Meta Trader 5 or MT 5, however there were different versions of Meta Traders that was developed.

Forex Trading Signals

FOREX Trading Signals

Trading signals are the trading alerts and they provide traders with real-time buy and sell trading alerts  and also “when and where” to enter the market with entry point, stop and take profit targets.

Forex Quotes

FOREX Quotes

Forex quotes are live currency prices that Forex traders can use to compare the value of countries’ currencies. The reason for using Forex quotes is to get more insight of how much is the ( Bit – Purchase Price)or ( Ask – Selling  price ) to make a concrete decision. 

Forex Market

FOREX Market

Forex Africa currently known as USDTOZAR.COM provides all  Forex Market or (Foreign Exchange Market) products available to all individual who would like to trade them, with this people may buy and sell currencies of their choice. 

Forex Trading South Africa

Forex Trading in South Africa has been what most people want, both experienced and non-experienced however people should always bear in mind that not all people who enter the market will create millions, earlier we have mentioned that only 5% makes it and about 90% fail to make it, and another 5% is confused about the market,

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Best Forex Brokers

Best FOREX Brokers

Usdtozar.com is an an introducing broker of  Blackstonefuteres which is the best Forex Broker and it was founded and registered in 2008. 

The Story Behind a young man who earned $40000 -$60000 for two consecutive years working as an Introducing Forex Broker

Learn on how this successful young man made his way up to success by just referring other FOREX traders to this broker of choice


As I write this article, I stand not to persuade anybody to trade and I am not a financial adviser of how and where to put your money. It was during 2011 when my eyes were opened about Forex Trading, I was mentored by an expert in Forex trading, his  name is Nicholas Shamnatis whom i still respect today, he was a  chief client retention manager at easy- Forex during that interlude of time. He sent an email to me, saying, I Quote

Aldrin Siwele Forex Bloger

By Siwele Aldrin Tinyiko

“It was my 2nd year with the company (easy- markets) in 2009 when I finally got to meet the guy everyone in the company was talking about. He was sitting right next to me in a casual restaurant in Shanghai. At 28 years old, I heard stories how his income fluctuated between an amount of $40,000 to $60,000 a month, which is about R560 000 to R840 000, he earned this for 2 consecutive years. Here are few ways to make money online​​

After carefully observing him, I gathered the confidence to ask him something about the direction of GOLD and what his opinion was. He looked at me and with broken English said “I don’t even know where the GOLD price is right now”. His answer stunned me! And made me never to ask more about hicurrency tradings and his affairs to the Foreign Exchange Market,


He had zero skills in FOREX trading but a huge network of people who would follow his recommendations as to which broker to trade with.

​​7 years later, he still doesn’t know the price of GOLD, yet that doesn’t matter. He is still our biggest Introducing Broker (I B)” close quote