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list of the richest forex traders in south africa and other sections of the world

The research clearly specifies that almost about 5 % of Forex traders made profit while trading and the other 90% lost all their account funding and the remaining 5% are still trading today, how can you then succeed? we intently followed the successful strategies of some of these Forex Gurus to share it with you.

"What really turned me over was the ability to understand that Success does not come overnight but it always favors the best learners, hard workers and those who will stand boldly out of the crowd to challenge what is most feared by other people."
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can you really be rich by trading forex?

The answer is “Yes” and also is “No”, There is only one way to add on or be among this remaining 5% of successful traders, there is no magic even in Africa to help you make a profit apart from learning more and more, you need to understand everything about the market and if you do not then make it a point that you involve some financial or FOREX analyst and experts, they know to analyse the market, they know when the market is having high chances of rising and of falling. I usually say if you are a first time trader the chances of losing are 100% and if you trade wisely with the help of professional analyst then FOREX trading will be like picking a bag full of money and not trading you will be giving someone a chance to pick it.

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Who said you can’t be rich by participating in the Foreign Exchange Market?  I usually utter these words  ‘”those who attempt great at the beginning eventually achieve great“, however if you aspire little things in life then you will also achieve little. Success does not come overnight but it always favors the hard workers and those who will stand boldly out of the crowd to challenge what is most feared by other people.

Being successful is everyone’s dream and that is an outstanding accomplishment to happen “ now- later– or in the future”, but the naked truth is that all these dreams are achievable  and enjoyable, all this will eventually happen  when you are determined, passionate, hardworking and  goal driven. 


You should always remember that not everybody can make $ dollars unless right strategies and procedures are applied accurately. “Getting the proper knowledge and enormous understanding on what you are trading is very crucial” These are the words which are mentioned a couple of times when reading about this Forex Gurus who fabricated their own wealth. There are thousands of strategies invented by people, however in my perspective i still say getting more knowledge of your own is more best, what is it that is difficult to buy a currency when is low and sell it when is high to make a profit, you may do this with your bank by requesting a foreign account.

Buy and currencies like the USD/ZAR when the exchange rate is 12 or low and sell USD/ZAR when the exchange rate is high, you see! you have made yourself much profit, meaning the more money you purchase a currency at a low price and hold it for sometime, then later when the exchange rate is high, you have to sell it, in this way you will accumulate yourself much profit, this is the safest trading strategy where volatility , high leveraging and brokers spreads will not affect you, so speak to your banker perhaps you might call me sometimes to buy me a cold drink, I am serious i need that cold drink not a beer hey and my email is



I know very well and I am fully convinced that this “Rich Forex trader’s topic” is the most favorite topic that all participants in the Forex trading market would like to hear about it and it is not a fairy tale to tell but an actuality from those who made it possible, why am I saying this?  It is the fact that everyone would like to test water’s before they could even put both of their feet in, they need positive reviews and factual witnesses to serve as examples about successful trading, the question always hang , are there any Forex traders who made their wealth out of the Forex Market? if so then who are they? here is a friendly advise!


A wise man will always conduct a thoroughly research before he can commit himself or invest his time, energy and money. 



Today we are going to converse about the giants in the Foreign Exchange Market, both locally and internationally; we are going to reveal who they are and how they made their success within the Forex trading market, perhaps learning about few of them will motivate all current traders and also the novice, all those who are curious should master these tips to make money within the market.

One might support me when I say – – –

{if we have not seen or heard any success stories about the particular product then it is useless attempting to use that product} 

This is what I was taught when I was doing my studies in consumer and buyer behavior that a product that has been around for a long time and which is having many positive reviews is mostly trusted by many consumers than a product that is in its introductory stage. Let us not beat around the bush and just iron this matter.


This is a very difficult question to ask with a one simple answer, you know why? 

It is a fact that we are all given in life but what differentiates us from one another is what we do with what we were given, it is true and a fact that if you give $ 500 to five people,  they will never utilize it for the same things, but other things that is done by few of this people might turn them very rich and successful, there are those people who are so skilled that when you give them a double they can triple it for you.

So what can we conclude with this statement?

“A rich mind has a potential in future”.  What I am saying is that there is always a road to success but people will never reach it with the same path and at the same time, others are likely to be rich at their young ages while others at their old ages while others will never taste this till their death.  Here are some methods to get you on the right financial track.

Richest Day Traders

Richest Day Traders are those Forex Traders who made millions just by trading currencies on a daily basis, they do not leave their trades for another day, they make sure all trades are closed before 24 hours. Some of this gurus use this method of trading and it worked for them.

Richest Stock Traders

Richest Stock Traders are those Traders who made millions just by trading stocks only, They usually accumulate their wealth just by trading stocks, almost their concentration is on stocks only, however some still trade other markets products.

Youngest Forex Trader

According to the information provided on this page it is very clear that the youngest Forex trader is Refiloe Ref Nkele of South Africa , who is currently 22 years old and followed by Sandile Shezi who is the second youngest Forex Trader, There are still a lot of traders that we did not list here, so that does not conclude our discussion,


Irrespective of what the allegations and speculations are claiming that only 5% of Forex traders have made success out of Forex Trading. These fellows have finally made it, I anticipate that it was not easy for them but eventually they have broken the limit, since they have faced the same challenges that we are facing today while trading it also assures every trader that it is also possible to be a millionaire with Forex trading, but apart from all this , every trader who want to be successful should learn and understand the basics of Forex trading.Learn more about the Forex Market

Crypto currencies

The world is moving to a digital form and here you can trade different Cypro currencies like Bit coins, Ethel , lite coins and other coins. These value of coins gain value and lose value so easily and are mostly influenced by demand and supply. Trade Now

Demo Forex Account

Trade currencies and other ( FX) Forex Trading Markets  in a practice mode, trading with this will only teach and prepares  you for a real account and you will not be able to generate any profit  and also you will not need to deposit any money since everything is demo. You may trade Cypro and other Currencies, Agriculture and Energy commodities, Indices, Stocks , Shares, Metals, Futures and Options, Start to practic

Forex Trading South Africa

 The  abbreviation ( FX) is the word spoken in the financial market, this term is an abbreviated word for foreign exchange. This is the big word which is searched by almost 100 000 to 1000 000 group of people per month in google keyword planner

This word Forex Trading include the worldwide Inter bank or Inter-dealer trading system that influence utilization of floating exchange rates between different countries currencies.However the Forex trading market is the most world’s hugest financial market, most people don’t know about this market. Sources have previously revealed that it would almost cost the New York Stock Exchange three to four months of trading to equal trading during one day on the Forex market

This stigma that only 5% succeed in Forex Trading seems different since most of people are claiming and proving to make money with Forex Trading South Africa and this also applies to other countries traders that are making huge monies wit

Forex Trading South AfricaTrade Crypto Currencies

Real Forex Account

Trade currencies and other Foreign Exchange Market on a real mode, trading on a real mode allows you to make passive and re-occurring income, however it is still possible to trade on a loss so traders are encouraged to trade with caution. Traders can trade Cypro and other currencies, Indices, Agricultural and Energy commodities, Shares, Stocks, Options and futures and they need to make a minimal deposit Start trading

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Forex Brokers

The most important aspect with Forex Trading is to get the registered, right and trustworthy Forex broker who will be able to support you, pay you in the right time and provide you with success strategies and signals that you may need to generate profit with all of your trades. There are many good Forex trading Brokers that are available around the globe however we can’t choose them all, here is the most reliable broker we recommend

top 10 richest forex traders


wealthy forex traders

Here is the list of wealthiest Forex Traders in the world. Not all of them trade the same products, some of them trade options , physical currencies,shares , others trade stocks, others have their own training schools and they benefit when their clients register to trade and so on.With this you will notice that not all of these traders used the same path to accumulate their wealth, they have searched their strength and capitalised on that.

Aldrin Siwele Forex Bloger


Name:  Sandile Shezi
Age : 25
Place of Birth: Durban, Kwa-zulu Natal South Africa
Business: Global Forex Institute now known as GFI
Humble beginnings:  He was selling muffins at school
Trading: Investor, Forex trader, stocks, currency trader
Inspired by : George van der riet who is a millionaire himself.


Name: George Soros
Age : 87
Place of Birth: Hungary United States of America
Business: Open Society foundation, quantum group of funds, Soros fund Management
Humble beginnings:  Started as a traveling salesman and he describe this moment “This are the low points of my life”
Trading: Investor, arbitrage trader, stock trader
Personal Net worth: $ 26 Billion


Name:  Refiloe Nkele
Age : 22
Place of Birth: Soweto South Africa Business:Pip Coin Founder and Armageddon Trading Robot Designer


Name:  Antony Joseph Prat
Age: 57
Place of Birth: Melbourne, Victoria
Trading:  Foreign Exchanges, shares and property market
Personal Net worth: 75 billion


Name:  Raymond Dalio
Age : 68
Place of Birth:  Jackson Heights New York
Business:  Bridgewater Associates
Trading : Currencies, Futures Personal Net worth: 10 Billion

Aldrin Siwele Forex Bloger


Name:  Alex Hope
Age : 28
Place of Birth: Canary warf, East of London
Trading: Investor, currency trader, Forex trader
Inspired by : Raj Von Badlo , also a millionaire
He spent about 125 000 Euros on a single bottle of champagne and was later found guilty on certain charges by financial service authority of United Kingdom


Name:  Elexander Elder
Age : 68
Place of Birth:  Saint Petersburg - Russia
Business:  He is a manager of George Soros monies and a lead manager for quantum fund
Trading : Teacher , Investor , Trader , Author of trading for living Personal Net worth: Currently unknown


Name: Steven Cohen
Age : 61
Place of Birth: New York
Business: Point 72 Asset Management
Trading : Shares and currencies
Personal Net worth: 14 Billionaire


Name:  Kenneth Griffin
Age : 49
Place of Birth:  Daytona Beach – Florida - USA
Business:  Trading :  Shares  and Currencies
Personal Net worth: 8 Billion


Name:  Stanley Drucken Miller
Age : 65
Place of Birth:  Pennsylvania United States of America
Business:  He is a manager of George Soros monies and a lead manager for quantum fund Trading : Investor Personal Net worth: 4 to 6 Billion

Ways And Secretes Of Making Money With Forex Trading

  • Learn the technical and fundamentals of trading
  • Learn to use charts
  • Familiarise yourself with an economic calendar
  • Google search the right broker to trade with
  • Get a professional firm to send you market alerts on your mobile, tablet, etc.
  • Trade on a demo account if not sure
  • Copy trade from other successful traders
  • Try to use a trading robot which has positive reviews
  • Befriend with successful traders
  • Get as much knowledge as possible
  • Open a training school and after training open accounts for your learners


  1. Identify the place which you believe will make you successful
  2. Research about the potentiality of the place that you have identified
  3. Be willing to spend money to get money
  4. Never risk what you can’t afford to lose
  5. Put pressure and hard work to everything that you do
  6. Dedication, love , faith  and vision will lead to success
  7. Recognize and appreciate your daily achievement
  8. Estimate the time frame for your accomplishment
  9. Only attempt great to achieve great
  10. No wise man get out of his own story, strive to your goal
  11. Open a Forex training school and later open accounts for your learners, you will earn by referring people to your broker of choice, learn how this young man earns $40000 to $60000 by being an introducing broke